FROM THE ARTICLE: …(Effective Christian leaders must) operate on a plane of HOLINESS and CONSECRATION…The gifts and anointing of the Holy Spirit always come through relationship. …Christianity has always been, and always will be, family owned and operated. So then how can we know our assignment?
Your assignment in the Army of God is your individual expression and extension of Christ’s destruction of the works of the devil. You are a destroyer of the works of the devil. God will give you a way to do it that is unique to you.
Until that gets through to you—until you admit and agree to those terms—God will remain silent about your assignment.
Because the situation today in America is an impossible one, only one kind of person will make a difference now. They must be armed with divine certainty. They must own an unshakable, bone-deep conviction that they have been chosen for this task….

Mario Murillo Ministries

Remember when I told you this…a new kind of Christian leader will soon appear on the American stage. They will not fit any present mold. They will be the catalysts. They will usher in the next great awakening. They will appear because conditions will demand their appearance.

Consider how the coronavirus can be the pretext to change the very way churches and ministries operate. Even to the point of banning public gatherings.

In the next few years, you will likely see social media virtually remove all preaching. Not only that, but there will be a concerted effort to marginalize the church in ways you never imagined. Does that mean that Bible-based Christianity is over in America? Absolutely not! You watch: God will come out of nowhere to meet this threat.

A big difference you will see in the coming leaders is where they serve. A few of them will be…

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“…God has chosen the American church to play a heroic role in our nation’s most desperate hour.
To do so we must put away all self-righteous smugness. We must ignore the voices that are telling us this is not our fight. In nation after nation, Christians have had the opportunity to extend their faith beyond their church buildings: in soul winning, healing, and in justice. That last virtue is the call of this hour….”

Mario Murillo Ministries

The Nazis had a phrase which they used in order to cover all abuses by the state: “Für ihre sicherheit.”  Meaning, what we do is “for your safety.” As I was walking recently through a home improvement store with my wife, I heard this recorded message blaring through their P.A system, “We are doing all we can to ensure your safety.”

Before I go any further, I want to give you a revelation about Christians in America. We are similar to the Jews who went into captivity in Babylon.  Jeremiah the prophet instructed the Jews, “And seek the peace of the city where I have caused you to be carried away captive, and pray to the Lord for it; for in its peace you will have peace” (Jeremiah 29:7).  I believe God is giving Christians that same mandate in this hour, in regard to America.

Some will disagree with my…

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Quote from article: God will give you courage you never imagined. God will give you wisdom from beyond this world. God is looking for someone just like you to transform this dark situation. It’s your turn to do what heroes of faith have done down through the ages.
Hebrews 11:33-34, “…who through faith subdued kingdoms, worked righteousness, obtained promises, stopped the mouths of lions, quenched the violence of fire, escaped the edge of the sword, out of weakness were made strong, became valiant in battle, turned to flight foreign armies.”

Mario Murillo Ministries

You are awake. You see how the overreach of radical leftists has permanently ruined people’s lives. You have come to realize they aren’t trying save the lives of everyone— just the ‘preferred’ lives—the lives of those who advance their narrative; the lives of those who, in their minds, justify this draconian house arrest, this imposition of undeclared martial law.

You see how lives are being lost to suicide—because people’s jobs, homes, and hopes have gone up in flames. But those losses don’t count. The thousands, who in every economic crash become addicted and overdose, don’t count either. Opioid overdoses are expected to claim 25,000 lives in the U.S., this year.

What would we learn if we could really calculate how many people the lockdown is killing? Even if it’s killing more than it is saving, it would not matter to the Left. What if the permanent damage to our economy…

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The Church is more than “essential”, and WE THE PEOPLE need to stand together for our FREEDOMS– and not 6 feet apart!

Mario Murillo Ministries

Imagine with me: It is five years from now.  Your church is still seating people six feet apart. The State is still doing spot inspections of your sanctuary and bathrooms, and they can shut down services any time they wish to.

This is why we cannot let ourselves be classified as an ‘essential service.’ I believe that to do that would be to make a deal with the devil. No, I am not nitpicking. The church made this same horrible mistake 65 years ago when the Johnson Amendment made Christian organizations 501c3 corporations.

Pastor A.J. Nunes, one of our team leaders, brought this threat to my attention.

Walmart and Costco are examples of ‘essential services.’ They operate under the direct regulation of the Health Department and any other agency of State and Local government that wants a shot at them.

We must fight for religious freedom—not to be an ‘essential…

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Train Before the Wreck

This morning was not typical of my mornings. It’s been a few years since I was responsible for making sure kids get ready for school and getting them there on time. This morning was eventful. In fact, it is amazing how many “events” can take place in one hour while teen and tween sisters get ready for school. Yes, eventful, indeed. One in particular stands out and I will readdress it with both girls later, before this day is done. I have even prayed about how it is to be handled. It concerns the topic of how ‘our choices reflect our character’. Before I explain further, allow me to tell another related story.

A few years ago, my sister was taking her eldest grand and my eldest grand, both girls incidentally, to a birthday party. They had not planned ahead for the occasion so they decided to stop at the local dollar store for a card and put cash in the envelope as the gift. After selecting the card and returning to the vehicle, the envelope was in the sack, but card could not be found for signing. Kat sent Kristan back into the store with the receipt to explain the situation and get a replacement card. She soon returned with a card which was signed and sealed in the envelope with the cash, ready for delivery. Preparing to leave, Kat opened her car door because her seatbelt was partially outside. That’s when she noticed the original card. It had fallen between the driver seat and door. She tells Kristan, “Take this card back in the store.”

Kristan, not wanting to go back into the store yet again, says, “It’s OK, Nana, it’s only a 50-cent card! If we don’t leave now, we will be late for the party!”

“No, I only paid for ONE card, not two. Take this one back.” Kristan reluctantly gets out.

From the backseat, Kat hears Caitlin’s frustration, “You’re just like my Mamaw. She ALWAYS has to do the right thing, no matter what!”

Yes, my sister and I were raised with a few standards which are basically INSTILLED in us. We were expected to show respect, to tell the truth and to do what is right~ all of these were to be done always and no matter what! To this day, I am not sure I could tell a lie even if my life depended upon it. My hesitation, alone, while pondering the situation would probably KILL my chances. (Pardon the pun.)

The Bible commands parents to “train” children with discipline, to dedicate them to the ways of God so that they mature into honest, prudent, respectful, generous, patient, wise, industrious adults who are able to lead productive lives as upright citizens with good reputation. These are the attributes fully discussed in Proverbs 22 chapter where the “train a child in the way he should go” verse appears. Isn’t that our hopes for the our children? It is my hope for mine and yours. But, as with all hopes, dreams, and goals, without the proper TRAINING, it simply does not happen. With proper TRAINING, it does; we have God’s Word on it!

Train up a child in the way he should go
[and in keeping with his individual gift or bent],
and when he is old he will not depart from it.

~Proverb 22:6, AMPC 

Now, back to today’s event of discussion. The teen granddaughter was having a few issues of her own this morning, but we won’t go into those for this writing. Autumn, the tween, and I were ready and leisurely awaiting while the clock ticked. I noticed her reach for the gum on the snack bar. So, I said, “You’re not supposed to chew gum at school.”

She responds, “I never get caught”, and continues with her intent of  shaking a piece from the container.

Hmmm… She must have misunderstood my intent by mentioning my observation, right? So, I repeat, “You’re not supposed to chew gum at school.”

Then, she repeats, “But, I never get caught.”

[♫ I hear the train a comin’   It’s rolling round the bend ♪♪♪]

“I SAID: ‘YOU are NOT supposed to chew gum at school.'” She heard me that time. My more emphasized tone had relayed the message, most of  the message at least. As I said before, “…before this day is done.”

In the train song written and made famous by Johnny Cash referred to above, the prisoner tells of his mom telling him ‘Son, Always be a good boy’,  but “training” requires more than just telling.  It requires teaching, discipline, and correction.  The basic Hebrew meaning for the word ‘train’ (#2596) in our study verse means ‘to dedicate, as unto The LORD’. The word is only used in scripture for the dedicating of  God’s temple, sacrificial altars, and our house (home/family), specifically children. 

Initially, basic instruction should be applied, but it take a little more effort to make it adhere. It takes diligent applications of discipline and correction. It takes discipline to stop the wrong as well as to instill the right. What is “wrong”? Sadly, today it is necessary to clarify this concept because many ask the question in defense of their “wrongs”. Simply put, wrong is sin! Anything that God calls ‘sin’ is wrong. Our children need to know this fact if God and His Word are to be the standard of our trainings. Don’t be afraid to use the word. How can we teach the practice of repentance/salvation or the basics of forgiveness without knowing the concept of sin? If you need lists, the Bible has them written in several places throughout. The 10 “thou shalt not” commandments He gave to Moses is one list. Paul gives lists in his letter to the Colossians (chapter 3); he includes both the bad/wrong (sin) and the good/right. It takes the smoothness of correction to ease the pain of the discipline. Correction involves replacing the unacceptable behavior with acceptable alternative choices so they are less apt to repeat the wrong. Replacing the bad with good gives will give them better than before results.train-derailment

Good results, after all, is our goal for our children. Teaching them to make the right choices in all circumstances is giving them the gift of discernment which they will need as a life-tool which will, in turn, help them from being derailed off the track. Without it, they are most-certainly headed for a train wreck!


A few other Bible passages/verses about training, discipline, and teaching in the Bible:
[Links attached to biblegateway.com]
Proverbs 19:18; 23:12-26; 29:17; Ephesians 6:1-4; Hebrews 12:1-13.



SOURCES: (links attached)

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Johnny Cash. “Folsom Prison Blues”. AZ Lyrics.


Mountain Climbing Faith ~

Jesus says, “IF ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed,
‘Remove hence to yonder place’,
and it shall remove;
and nothing shall be impossible unto you.”

CHRISTian poetry ~ by deborah ann

Mountain Climbing Faith ~ CHRISTian poetry by deborah ann

I’m climbing this mountain,
and I’m not going to stop
my confidence in God . . .
will get me to the top.

I’ll tackle every obstacle,
I will confront every fear
my absolute trust in God
will be my safety gear.

I’ll  get over my doubt,
I’ll get by the obstructions
my faith in God’s Word
will provide the directions.

I’ll combat the terrain,
I’ll move each hindrance
my eternal hope in God
will give me the assurance.

I’m climbing this mountain,
I will not fall or drop
for God promised me . . .
a reward at the top!


Hebrews 10:23

“Let us hold fast the profession
of our faith without wavering;
(for he is faithful that promised;)

King James Version
Public Domain

Copyright 2016
Deborah Ann Belka

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Words of Encouragement ~

“…for words of encouragement He would have me say…
“…I write for His glory, …
“…that He will bless someone
“with what, He gave me to say!”

CHRISTian poetry ~ by deborah ann

Words of Encouragement ~ CHRISTian poetry by deborah ann ~ photo Creation Swap

Early in the morning
to God I pray . . .
for words of encouragement
He would have me to say.

Before the dawn breaks,
while I am still in bed
thoughts of comfort and hope
dance around in my head.

I rise up with His Son,
His Word I begin to read
to places of mercy and grace
I let the Holy Spirit lead.

I write for His glory,
I write hoping you will find
peace and tranquility . . .
to fill your heart and mind.

When I go to bed at night,
to God I pray . . .
that He will bless someone
with what, He gave me to say!


Thank you to all my faithful friends in Jesus.
It is truly my desire that the words God gives me
will be of a blessing to each of you and will
bring some comfort to your day!

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My Hope Quiets Me ~

Psalm 16:9

“Therefore my heart is glad,
and my glory rejoiceth:
my flesh also shall rest in hope.”

CHRISTian poetry ~ by deborah ann

My Hope Quiets Me ~ CHRISTian poetry by deborah ann

My hope quiets me,
when I get restless
it calms me down
if I get breathless.

My Hope never fails,
it keeps me strong
it brings me such comfort
all day and night long.

My hope is in God,
His mercy and favor
my hope is in Jesus
my forever Savior.

My hope elates me,
I’m ever so grateful
it makes me always
eternally thankful.

My hope is in the future,
the things that will come
when Jesus peacefully . . .
sets up His kingdom!


Psalm 16:9

“Therefore my heart is glad,
and my glory rejoiceth:
my flesh also shall rest in hope.”

King James Version
Public Domain

Copyright 2016
Deborah Ann Belka

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Take a Deeper Breath and Live!

Cooperation between Holy Spirit and our hearts brings newness of life to our souls!
WOE: “…deepness is a choice. Don’t be shallow about breathing in My goodness. Find My virtue in you. It’s in your deep places where healing takes place. It’s in your deep places where joy is produced. It’s in your deep places where you find self-control. It’s in your deeper places that I become your next breath. Breathe DEEP and My Spirit will do His work. Breathe DEEPER and expand your capacity to LIVE!”

Neeter's WOE

Today, I accidently came across a forgotten “WOE” which is not-so-accidentally needed by me today!  The WOE came to me on a Saturday afternoon in July 2013 while (prayerfully) going through AS A TREE GROWS, by W. Phillip Keller. I had reviewed my highlights in the first 3 chapters & read chapter 4 titled, “Heat” about “Love begets love.” Then, as I was about 2 paragraphs into the next chapter, “Air”, which is about Holy Spirit; that is when He began talking to me. This is what I heard: (WOE 13-0713)
Breathe! Breathe in and expand your lungs. Take deep breaths~ on purpose! Purpose yourself to take deep, deeper breaths from My Spirit. My Spirit brings what you need~ He brings My goodness to you. Yes, in life breathing is automatic, but deepness is a choice. Don’t be shallow about breathing in My goodness. 
Find My virtue in you. It’s…

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This is THAT Church

This excerpt from TOZER: MYSTERY OF THE HOLY SPIRIT reveals A.W. Tozer’s vision for the local church. He preached this sermon to his own congregation about his expectations of what the local Spirit-filled church should represent and declare. At first reading, MY vision was expanded for local congregations. As you read these excerpts from this sermon, I pray it enlarges your vision for your local body of believers. It is my hope that each reader is as inspired as I am. Keep in mind that Tozer lived 1897-1963. It is now 2018 (at this writing), and I have found such a congregation to whom I have united 2. They look and act like the 1st Century Church. In fact, Holy Spirit spoke a confirming Word of Exhortation this very morning, and as soon as I heard the Word, “This is THAT church”, my mind went back to this sermon which I first read in 2011.   Be encouraged; I am. ~ag


[excerpts from Chapter 10, pgs.129-142]


 “…wherever Jesus is glorified,
the Holy Spirit comes…”.

Tozer-OnHolySpirit[pg.132] …when we give God His place in the church, when we recognize Christ as Lord, high & lifted up, when we give Holy Spirit His place, there will be joy that is not worked up. It will be a joy that springs like a fountain. So, that will be one characteristic of a Spirit-filled church. There will be a joyful people & it will be easy to distinguish them from the children of the world…

A church that is Spirit-filled will be useful to the race of man. …to the whole community. Because we are here, everybody ought to be better. …the neighborhood should be better because we are here. …A Spirit-filled church is useful to the neighborhood, useful to the sons of men, even the ones who are not converted; and it will be influential among the churches. I would like to see this church become so godly, so Spirit-filled that it would have a spiritual influence on all the churches in the whole city. …Paul told some of his people, “your Godliness and faith is talked about through all Asia Minor.”  It is entirely right that I could hope this in you, that I hope that we become so Spirit-filled. Walk with God, learn to worship and live so clean and so separated that everybody will know it and other churches in the city will be blessed because of it. ….
There is no reason why we should not be a people here so filled with the Spirit, so joyfully, singing His praises and living so clean in our business & home & school that the people would know it… Whenever you have a Spirit-fill people, you have a people that can live well and die well. …

Old Balaam wanted to die the death of the righteous, but he would not live the life of the righteous. …And a Christian ought to be able to live the life of the righteous. And a Christian ought to be able to die well; they should be able do that if nothing else.

There are some who won’t feel at home in a church like that; and if your hope is to have everybody and his brother on his mother’s side to just sit around and glow… it just will not happen that way. …There are some people who just do not want that kind of church, and I will name them now. [They are the] people who put on religion as a Sunday garment… [and the ones who] …have a wonderful way of disengaging. …on Sundays, they go and polish off their religion. Then evening… they put it on the shelf, and then on Monday they live the way they want… Now, nobody like that wants to hear me preach. Nobody. …I won’t surrender to that kind of thing, and I won’t surrender to that kind of people. …

The cross of Christ is revolutionary. And if we are not ready to let it be revolutionary in us, we are not going to like a church that takes the things of God seriously and let it cost us anything, control us in any way.  …A Spirit-filled church that practices the belief of the New Testament: and goes constantly to the grassroots and roots out everything that isn’t of God, keeps growing & …walks with God & obeys the truth & loves each other…

Now who are they?

Those who have a leading ambition to get rid of their sins. If you have not…, you will not like to hear me preach very often or long. …. There are some people that are overwhelmed with the desire to get rid of their sins. Those people will be happy among us. …Their only ambition is to walk with God and to follow (Jesus)…

Those who have learned to recognize the voice of the Shepherd… will be at home in a Spirit-filled church.The people who have learned to hear (His) voice can recognize it (and) are always at home where everything centers on Him. Jesus is all in all.

Then there are those who are sensitive to the invisible presence. …He’s a sheep who loves his Shepherd. He stays awfully close to the Shepherd.   ….

This is what I believe in: Jesus Christ; clean living; joyful, radiant, happy worship; good sweet fellowship and kindliness; patience & endurance & honesty; the missionary outlook & good decency; and a separation from all things that are wrong. Above all things, worship The Lord in the beauty of holiness, and learn to know the wondrous sound of the Shepherd’s voice.

That is what we stand for, that is what we believe in. That is what we are preaching.


In closing, I reiterate: The success and realization of a vision for any local body of believers depends upon everyone’s degree of dedication & sacrifice to walk in God’s grace AND to pray for each other so that none become tempted &/or deceived. It takes us united as a body as well as the ‘keeping’ of our personal relationships with God. With that said, I want to share 2 more quotes by Tozer:

“If you major on knowing God
and cultivate a sense of His presence in your daily life,
and do what Brother Lawrence advises, ‘Practice the presence of God’ daily
and seek to know the Holy Spirit in the Scriptures,
you will go a long way in serving your generation for God.
No man has any right to die until he has served his generation.”


“…the cross of Jesus Christ always changes that path (of the norm),
always gets in there
and makes a man (and woman) change his life.”




1– TOZER: MYSTERY OF THE HOLY SPIRIT, A.W. Tozer, 2007, Bridge-Logos Publ., Paperback, 180 pgs. 0882703420 (ISBN13: 9780882703428)
[Original Title Tozer: Mystery of the Holy Spirit]
Picture- Goodreads

 2– Wings Of Love Church, Industrial Rd. El Dorado, AR—Pastor Rex McDaniel.