The Only Race Worth Running…

Faith is the only race worth running. Run hard right to the finish, believing all the way! (2Tim.4:7)

Ever think of yourself as a lead runner?
God’s Word does not just speak to us about our personal race; it speaks of our responsibility to the other runners following us towards the finish line. It stands to reason if we are runners following after Christ, we are also leaders for those running behind. Hebrews is a letter of hope; it encourages us to withstand the discipline training of God which always results in “a quiet grace and character”. God’s training gives us the strength to “take a new grip” and keep us “firm on shaky legs” for our race, but in turn gives hope to “those who follow, though weak and lame, will not fall and hurt themselves, but become strong” and continue running their race.
It’s called team-effort!

Ever read Hebrews 12? I encourage you to read it today, perhaps with a quiet discipline? Its ‘coaching’ about holy living may give you a fresh wind at your back to help you lead the team around that next obstacle in the path and get enough momentum to jump over that next hurdle! 


“let us please God by serving him with thankful hearts
…with holy fear and awe.
For our God is a consuming fire.”

All quotes from TLB unless otherwise noted. Click the link to original post in Neeter’s WOE for complete sources and references, Follow The Leader and LEAD!



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